Our Story


Hey! I'm Martini La'Rossi the CEO, Owner, Candle Chemist and, Dope Vibe Curator of Mawamo Candle Co. I was born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California-Richmond, CA to be precise. I am a creator, a mother, a free spirit, a music/art lover, and a veteran of the United States Army.

I started making candles as a way to satisfy my need to physically create while also feeding my own addiction to home fragrances. I find it exciting and therapeutic as I create each of our products. Our candles and wax melts are made by hand, in small batches using coconut-based waxes and phthalate-free fragrances. It is my desire to help you create an olfactory oasis of your very own and I hope that you are able to feel the love and energy poured into each and every order.

Thank you for being the best part of the Mawamo experience.

Martini La'Rossi